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QuickBooks Tutorial Item List Setup

QuickBooks Tutorial Item List: One of our most important tasks in QuickBooks is recording our sales. This is easy to do in QuickBooks if you build an item list first.

An item list is a list of things we buy and sell.

First of all let me explain something -- everything you put on an invoice or sales receipt, QuickBooks considers an item.

So the products you sell, the subtotal, the discount and the freight charges are all considered items and have to be set up as so.

First step in QuickBooks Tutorial Item List: Open Item List Window

  • Click on Lists, then go down to Item List.
  • Click the Item button at the bottom of the Item List window and the choose New from the drop-down list.

Item List in QuickBooks

Second step in QuickBooks Tutorial Item List: Categorizing the Item:

In the New item window, select an item type from the Type drop-down list. What is in there will depend on how you set your file up in the EasyStep interview. For example, if you clicked that you do not charge sales tax the sales tax item will probably not be in your types.

Here is a list of the types of items:

  • Service: Select this type if you charge for a service—such as an hour of labor or repair job.
  • Inventory Part: Select this type if you sell things you buy from someone else and you want to track your inventory.
  • Non-Inventory Part: Select this type if what you sell is something you do not want to track as inventory such as digital products (ebooks).
  • Other Charges: Select this item type for things such as freight and handling charges that you would include on a sales receipt or invoice.
  • Subtotal: This item type adds everything before you subtract any discounts, add sales tax, etc.
  • Group: Select this item type to enter a bunch of items (which are already on the list) at one time. For example, if you commonly sell sets of items, you do not have to lists those items individually every time you write an invoice or sales receipt. (example: tee-shirt and cap or gift basket)
  • Discount: This item type calculates the amount to be subtracted from a subtotal.
  • Payment: This item type reduces the invoice total---such as customer deposits.
  • Sales Tax Item: Select this item type for the sales tax you include on the sales receipt or invoice.
  • Sales Tax Group: This type is used for sales taxes that are collected in one transaction and owed to multiple agencies.

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